Movie Night

On: Friday, May 22, 2009

Good: Star Trek Movie

That was such an awesome movie. All around goodness; even the wife liked it a lot and didn't get lost in the story. The writers kept it simple enough that someone who has never seen the series can still jump on for the ride. They did a fairly decent job of casting and the actors themselves were great. I did have to explain why certain things happened the way they did and there were only a couple of 'eye rollers'. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments (one of which was Ellen Degenerate for a makeup commercial at the beginning...oh gawd). OK, so some of the logic and science behind the movie is a bit ridiculous. Who cares? It was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend seeing this in the theater. With blockbusters coming out this year I hope that the long awaited REAL Star Trek movie isn't forgotten; I can't wait to see how they plan to lay the story line for the future movies. You'd have to see it to know what I'm talking about.

Oh yeah, for all you 'Star Wars not Star Trek' fans, this is well worth watching. In fact, you might be a bit jealous of what the Star Wars movies could have been were it not for George Lucas fiddling with crap he should not have been.

The Bad: The theater, Dickinson Belton 8, is the worst theater I have ever paid full price at. The last time I entered such a shabby and dim screened theater I paid a $1...because I was at the $1 Theater. DON'T GO.

3 comments on "Movie Night"

A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

i want to see this pretty bad. i won't be going to Belton to see it though. why the hell were you out there anyway?

The Angry Coder said...

WHAT?!!! Why is my kids soon-to-be pastor using profanity on the internet?! What the f--k is the matter with you?!

The Unabashed Blogger said...

Apparently the same thing that is wrong with you.

We were in Belton so her sister could babysit.