Commiting to the Commute

On: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At about 0555 hrs this morning I layed awake wondering as to what I was going to do. Sure I've been riding my bike for 4 years and love it. Yet, what WAS I doing getting up at the butt crack of dawn to ride to work? I could've gotten 1 1/2 hrs of more sleep! My wife woke and asked if I was going to ride. Funny, that's what I was asking myself. Have my hours of prep time been for naught? Was I going to just roll over and go back to sleep? I did roll over, but seconds later I found myself standing up muttering to myself, "What the hell am I doing?". Riding to work could be disastrous compared to the leisure times I have enjoyed before. I would have to ride to work (in the time frame allowed) and then shower, dress, and report to duty @ 0800 hrs. There should be plenty of time...right?

Good News, Bad News:
  • Good News: on time. Bad News: it took me way to long.
  • Good News: My backpack was already packed. Bad News: It was way to heavy.
  • Good News: I only had to walk once, up 31st Street for about200 feet. Bad News: I had to walk.
  • Good News: I don't have to ride home tonight. Bad News: I can't ride home tonight.
  • Good News: No Cramps! Bad News: My body was too tired to worry about cramping.
  • Good News: I am well hydrated. Bad News: The bathroom is about 4 minutes away, by foot.
  • Good News: I remembered to pack my toothbrush holder. Bad News: I learned that I only packed my toothbrush holder...
On and on....

Ride specs:
RTM: 0:54:14
DST: 11.94 miles (doh! so close!)
AVS: 13.2 mph
MAX: 28.5 mph

Can't wait till tomorrow morning...I'm hooked!

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3 comments on "Commiting to the Commute"

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