Tax Season

On: Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I recently sent my wife to Liberty Tax to "get out taxes done". What a joke. They wanted to charge us over $200! I said no way! Instead someone who works there (and is a friend of my wife) told us to go to Littleton Accounting & Tax Service (816) 358-2130, 9504 E 63rd St, #201, Raytown, MO 64133. They charged us $75 and I was done in about 15 minutes.

BTW- mention my name and we get a $5 check in the mail... Suhweet!

4 comments on "Tax Season"

The Angry Coder said...

Turbotax, man. $35 and not any longer than you spent at the other place. Plus you can file thru the internet and get your refund back within a few days via direct deposit. This costs a bit more, but with all the tax credits from our kids it was worth the extra bux.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

I would rather leave it to the professionals as I am not sure of all the tax "breaks" we qualify for. I would hate to mess it up and not have the correct return.

I guess you pay for the security of knowing, "I can't screw this up." It's a service I will happily pay for... if it is reasonable...
BTW- Direct Deposit is included.

Percussivity said...

My worst tax memory...

It was the Spring of 1997. I was working several jobs which meant several of those pesky W-2s... let's see...

1. Percussion teacher - Pleasant Hills HS

2. Drum Corps instructer - Lee's Summit HS

3. Private Percussion instructer - home

4. Drummer in a jazz trio (played on Friday and Saturday nights.)

5. Paint counter - Payless Cashways

6. Previous summer's gig... Summit Lawn and Landscaping

Now here is the bad part... I tried using a turbotax-like product (it may have been TT I can't recall). I thought I did it right... 5 months later I get a letter from the IRS telling me that I did in fact NOT do it right. Slap on the wrist fine plus extra tax owed = $1200. Damn that was harsh.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

I was under contract employment for a while, that was nasty. I don't think we remembered to do the quarterly filings.

It's much easier now, and luckily my wife has gotten good at doing the online turbotax thing. Works really well, I gather! Done in a couple hours this year, I think, with everything automatically submitted. Still costs a bit, but money well spent.