What's in a name?

On: Monday, July 14, 2008

"It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine..."

I knew the American made (hand welded and sanded!) aluminum 1987 Cannondale was destined to be mine when I found out it has the same model name as my Yamaha motorcycle, an SR-500. How cool is that?! The bike is all original with the exception of the rims (Rigida: on pre 87's) and tires. Thank you Uncle Paul for the free bike!

I've been wanting a road bike to breach the mtb plateau I've been on and the Lord was gracious enough to give me a really cool bike after I realized I was becoming obsessed and just left it in His hands.
So, 2 bike shop trips later (Bike America is frustrating, Bike Stop's customer service is great!)
My 1st ride was a 20 miler (longest so far) with the my pards angry and pensive. I must admit, the ride is a bit awkward after using my mountain bike on and off road for over 3 years. But, after that first looong downhill I was hooked. Man, this thing flies! I think that spending so much time on my mtb beefed up my legs because I felt like I could've gone 30 miles or more; maybe sometime soon! We did have a few breaks, so it may have contributed. Overall- Love it.
My first commute: Hills are different, no lazing up with low gears. However, I managed to knock 8 minutes off of my morning commute!

It still needs some work: a really good bath, a wireless pc, re-wrap the handlebars, new hoods, and a new saddle. But all in all I am very pleased and can't wait to put more time in the saddle and miles behind me!

6 comments on "What's in a name?"

Anonymous said...

What the other two bikateers couldn't comment on the aquisition of a great new bike? C'mon, where's the support? All for one and one for all... with a little spandex to show solidarity.

Percussivity said...

Spandex is all the support we need Jack.... and it is a nice bike.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

Thanks for the support Jack! You could almost say that you are like spandex for bloggers; full of support (although no one wants to see you)!

PS- we call it lycra nowadays...

Anonymous said...

Is that an ancronym?

That's some secret biker boy code for things I don't need to know about. It's kind of endearing that you have this secret society of bikateers going on here. Well, whatever you call it, let me send you off a la NASCAR. Pull those spandex pants up, velcro those gloves on last time, scootity scootity let's go pedaling boys.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

Jack, you will get a kick outta this!


The Angry Coder said...

Yes, nice wheels and impressively light. Oh wait, I think I told you that before riding with you. Oh well, Jack is always the last to know. He would have known had he chose to ride with us instead of staying up half the night watching a video tape of last weeks NASCAR race while downing a six pack of PBR in his wifebeater and tighty whities until he fell asleep on his mommies couch and didn't wake up the next morning until the family dog started licking the chip crumps from his shirt and stomach acid from the corner of his mouth. Yeaaah, that's what he was doin'.