Expandable Batons and Cycling

On: Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After a friend of mine was assaulted while riding his bicycle (for no apparent reason) some other friends of mine have been looking into defense options. I wanted to find out if carrying an expandable baton was legal in Kansas City; to the internet I went!

Looks like I have to do this the old fashioned way. Quick! To the telephone!

It only took about 10 minutes and 5 different people and departments on the phone in order to find out if it is legal to carry an expandable baton in Kansas City. Is that good or bad? NO one seemed to know except...

According to the "1st Assistant City Prosecutor Lowell Gard", of the city Of Kansas City, MO, it is NOT illegal to carry an expandable baton on your person with the requirement that it is not concealed. Actually he said it is not that it is LEGAL, it is just not illegal. Lawyers...sheesh...
When asked if it would be considered concealed if I had it on my belt and covered with a jacket, he said probably. When asked if I could put it on my shoulder strap of my pack, he said it should be fine.

Sounds like a plan to me..

3 comments on "Expandable Batons and Cycling"

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Concealment laws are very strange, and vary greatly from state to state. For instance, open carry vs concealed has a lot of weird, unique regulations. One thing you might consider...since expandable batons are in the borderline category (like assisted opening knives, etc) there could be disadvantages to carrying it when more traditional batons aren't restricted in any way...the reason I say this is that it took you 5 different people before you got the answer, indicating there was some confusion on their legality...even if they are completely legal, the average LEO on the street might not know that, which just makes things a bit on the inconvenient side.

Although, re concealment, take note that a CCW license does not specify application only to firearms (as opposed to other states' CHP permits).

Best regards, and stay safe on the roads!

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