Wanna rob my house?! Take this!!

On: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All I have to say is, "Holy skivies Batman!" I found this site and have enjoyed looking at all the different rounds that are available to the public. I especially enjoyed the 12 Gauge section; Flechette Rounds. These are rounds are pretty awesome, powerful, and deadly. Very impressive! There's nothing like 25-30 metal darts flying at your head from a shotgun at about 1200 fps. That'll ruin your weekend...

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The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Flechette rounds were tested in Vietnam, I believe with the intent of knifing through soft cover and brush to hit snipers. The general consensus that I have read (sorry, no authoritative sources) is that they are effective, but not necessarily any more than the tried and true buckshot rounds. Kind of exotic, and scary as crap, but outside of birdshot (debatable), there isn't much fired out of a 12-gauge that wouldn't stop an attacker with authority. But still, that's a potent round!

The one thing those kind of rounds will guarantee you, though, is legal hot water. Nothing like rolling your own shells with "super deadly evil torture darts designed to impart maximum pain and suffering to my client" to get you sued in civil court, should the burglar survive.

Here's a gelatin test:


And here's a couple threads from the Box o' Truth forums:



The Irascible Neufonzola said...

One interesting comment in the above threads is that they were said to have better range than buckshot, but they lacked knock down power. I could understand that...the aerodynamic shape with stabilizing fins would definitely help increase range (not a concern in home defence), but because the darts are a very light weight 8 grains, they aren't going to have the same impact, creating a number of deep, small wounds that would probably kill someone but may not have the instant shock factor to get them on the ground (and not shooting) that a hit with 9-12 00 buckshot lead balls would do, at close range. Again, just conjecture...I've not tested any of these. No major ammo manufacturer sells flechette rounds, though you can buy them from specialty places or load your own. The nice thing, again on the lines of the above, about 00 buck is that it is exactly what the police load out with...and therefore it is not going to be overly scrutinized as an exotic "killer" round.