Peer Pressure

On: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Peer pressure's a bitch man!"

I wonder how many times I heard that growing up. I usually heard it right before I did something I probably should not have. Actually, I think that is safe to say that I was doing something wrong. Whether it was sneaking, drinking, or smoking, I was usually doing something that others "pushed" on me. Looking at it now, I realize that for most people peer pressure is an excuse to do something they either wanted to do or thought they wanted to do but didn't want to take the responsibility for it. Such was, and is, the case with me. It was the excuse to do the things I didn't need to be doing. It is the excuse to do the things I want to do.

Take this blog for example; I wanted to blog, but used the excuse "everyone else is doing it" so I might as well do it too. In all actuality I've been too lazy to do anything about it and figured no one would want to read the few scraps of sentences my brain can form into paragraphs. I am sure they will bore everyone tearless, if they haven't already. Meanwhile, welcome to my blog. It's open season for random thoughts and I'm the Unabashed Blogger. Don't look for me to hold back, I've got nothing to be ashamed of, and wouldn't understand the need anyways.

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